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Life Analysis

Everyone has the ultimate aim to grow in life. The growth desired may be professional, financial, spiritual or even emotional. Whatever be the area, the focus is on growth.
If the focus is so clear and the will is there, then what prevents us from achieving that we desire for???

The answer is our limiting beliefs; certain negative thoughts, feelings and emotions which we have for ourselves and the world around. These thoughts are unfavorable for our growth. Usually these thought/feelings are sub-conscious. In other words, we do not actively know that we think or feel in that particular manner. It is only after a deeper analysis that we get to these core feelings about self and the universe.

The first step in life analysis is to assist the client to reach the major faulty belief systems and limiting feelings that hinder his/her growth. These may be hidden in multi-layers or may lead to just one major feeling. Once this has been identified, the next step is to heal and change this belief/thought/feeling. This is done by using the modality that the client is comfortable with. One could choose hypnotherapy, counselling, past life regression to name a few.

The final step is to completely start functioning from a new empowered belief.