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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Mallika Bhatia in a session

Counselling is a part of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a remedial tool for psychological, emotional and behavioral issues. It’s focus is more on cure than on resolution. Both psychotherapist and client work together to find remedial solutions. There are many techniques used in psychotherapy: Counselling is one of the most important and widely used techniques.

Counselling is a tool to understand a given stressful situation and to find means to resolve it with the help of a trained professional. The situation can be from any aspect of life, relationships, professional life, work life stress, fears, phobias, and even the relationship with your self.

A counsellor helps you see the situation from a different angle and brings forward many aspects of that situation that you have been missing. By being able to see the whole picture, rather than a tunneled negative view, you are able to resolve that situation. He/she also helps you in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

A counselling session is like looking at yourself in a mirror. It is not difficult to see that all the stressful situations around you have one thing in common; you. Hence it is necessary to understand your role in that situation. Understanding your role puts you in control of the situation, and transforms you from a victim to an empowered human being.

A counsellor can also play the role of a guide for many, not by providing direct solutions, but by helping you explore all the possibilities.

Many times in India, family and friends play the role of a counselor. It obviously helps, but at times the source of stress is with in our circle of family and friends and in that case, there is an obvious emotional attachment which prevents our family or friends to be as objective as we would like them to be. As a result, they start getting as affected by your situation as you are. This means they are no longer in a position to just understand what you are going through since they have their emotions to deal with as well. This is where a professional counsellor can be of great help.