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Tarot Card Reading

Tarot is a pack of 78 cards. Each card has a symbolic picture reflecting different aspects of life and the universe.

A Tarot reader uses these cards as a medium to help you understand your present and future probabilities. A tarot reading session can help you in many different ways, depending on what you are looking for:

  • It can guide you about your future.
  • It can help you change it.
  • It can provide you with a deeper understanding of your current actions which are affecting your present and future.
  • It can be a session of spiritual growth.

The accuracy of a Tarot reading depends on the intuition and experience of the Tarot card reader. Mallika explains in details about the Tarot readings in one of her blogs on Speaking Tree.

Mallika's natural gift of intuitiveness and ability to decipher signs and symbols makes her an excellent Tarot reader. She has been helping people through this medium since 2006.


Here are a few experiences/testimonials from the people who have gained from Mallika's readings:

Sumeet Saluja, Businessman, Delhi, India
"I know Mallika since 2010. It has been a pleasure knowing her. I have had my tarot readings done through her both on phone and face-to face. I must say that her predictions have been accurate. She has given enough time and answered most of my questions. I have in-fact called her up in Munich as well for my readings and she has been very accurate with her readings."

Damini Grover, Psychologist, Delhi, India
"My association with Mallika has been long..and just as her counseling prowess has helped me to face life with a different perspective, so has her tarot reading ability. Her readings for me have been pretty accurate, precise and convincing. Every time I feel that I am facing a road block and cannot find a way out, it is her readings that have helped me to tide over. Be it face to face, on phone or over the emails, it is easy to communicate with her because she understands the chaos and confusion prevailing in my mind and is able to guide me through it. It is a great support system that she has with her in the form of her ability to read tarot cards."

Abha (name changed), Businesswoman, Delhi, India
"I have gone twice in the last two years to Mallika for a tarot reading. The focus of my first reading was about my worry about conceiving my second child. Mallika was absolutely accurate about the fact that I would conceive as soon as I stopped worrying about it, the timing, the type of delivery and even my first child's reaction and bond with the baby. Over the two readings, she was also right about when I would buy my next house, how we would fund it, the kind of property we would try to buy and the one we would actually buy. Mallika is very intuitive. I appreciate that she was very patient with my numerous questions making the readings a fun experience."

Sheena Oberoi, Freelance Artist, Faridabad, India
"2012 was a tough year for me in terms of finances. I was desperately trying for some work opportunities and openings in my related field to ease my financial problems. Then I met Mallika and got a Tarot card reading done from her..... as was expected, I landed up with a brilliant work opportunity as Mallika had foreseen for me.... I truly believe that Mallika is a great soul with great higher intuition combined with the maturity to handle and foresee sensitive cases and handle them with great diligence. I wish her all the very best that life has to offer."

Vallabh, Delhi, India
"I feel that her readings have always been precise and crisp and Mallika is very straightforward in her approach. She communicates things as they are whether they are positive and negative. Since she always provides practical and workable timelines, it becomes all the more easy to follow her guidelines."