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How you resolve the situation is much more important than how miserable you are in that situation.

February, 14 2016


Count the number of times you curse, criticize or complain today. Now compare it to the number of times you compliment. What you have in the end is your grateful /ungrateful-ness index. Now add this formula to the list of things you compliment and increase the things you are grateful for.

April, 17 2014


I am a Hindu by religion, Muslim by soul, Christian by heart, Sikh by thoughts, Buddhist by mission, Jain by practice, Baha'i by prayers, Tao by beliefs but above all I am a human by choice.

April, 16 2014


If we choose to focus on only what we do not have, peace and happiness are the things we surely shall not have.

April, 16 2014


Never miss a chance to celebrate life.

April, 16 2014


We want more. More money, more fame, more name, more prosperity. Yet we want less. Less work, less stress, less responsibilities. Let us start asking for enough, not more, not less. Always enough.

June, 13 2013


Doubts are natural to humans. We doubt, we discover the truth and we grow.

April, 16 2013


The trick is to believe in magic but not to expect it.

March, 20 2013


Before wanting to be a better person, learn to accept yourself as you are. You would automatically be better.

March, 11 2013


To learn even the simplest lesson, we need to be OK in being wrong. Giving up our ego is the only way to embrace learning.

February, 26 2013


Take a few deep breaths and smile every time when you meet someone, life will smile back at you.

February, 24 2013


Let your heart dream...it is in touch with your soul.

February, 21 2013


Let us stop judging ourselves.....forever.

February, 19 2013


We fear fearing so much that we end up fearing a lot.

February, 14 2013


Life is a bed of roses, only if you look for roses instead of thorns.

February, 14 2013


The more we experience life without judgements, the more we will fall in love with ourselves.

February, 12 2013


There is no point in regretting anything. All the wrong decision we take help us make the correct choices in future.

September, 18 2012


The changes we make, define who we are. Change for the best.

September, 16 2012


Keep doing things you love in life and life will love you back.

September, 11 2012


Courage is not the absence of fear, it is acting despite the fear.

September, 09 2012


One day you will wake up and there wont be any time to do things you have always wanted. Do it now. - Paulo Coelho

September, 08 2012


To be content in what you do, give your complete contents to it.

September, 08 2012


Worry less, Limit stress.

September, 05 2012


Humour is a great healer. Try it as often as you can.

September, 04 2012


Stop behaving the way others would expect you to. Be who you are and let your true inner light and brilliance shine.

September, 02 2012


Clean your cupboard every once in a while, there is lot you have stored there that is of no use, similar to the storage of our minds.

September, 02 2012


The world sees in you what you show them. Show them your best.

September, 02 2012


Analysing everything is neither needed, nor important. Take some things at face value, let a few others just be experienced and you have learnt the art of flowing with the flow.

August, 30 2012


One will achieve what one truly desires. Tip of the day - Watch your desires.

August, 30 2012