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Mallika Bhatia

Happiness, growth, success, prosperity, abundance, love, support, affection, hope, lessons, fulfillment, recognition and peace, these feelings list most, if not all, of our desires. Seldom do we realize that each one of these feelings exists with in us. We ourselves choose to disconnect with them at different points of time in life, and hence the onus to reconnect with them comes onto us. We at times can do it on our own, but at times we need professional help.

Mallika Bhatia’s work completely revolves around helping people reconnect with these emotions and in turn, with themselves. She follows the simple yet deep philosophy of “Aham Brahmasmi”, the belief that “I am the creator”. According to this philosophy, we create all the situations in our lives. It is our thought process and internal reactions that define our world. Gist of this philosophy is aptly quoted by Buddha, “What we think, we become”.

Practicing this philosophy, Mallika uses simple hands-on techniques to help people gain the understanding of their internal reactions and feelings, which in turn bring them to an empowered state where they can help themselves. She guides, counsels and motivates individuals through her easy and effective style.