Aham Brahmashmi

Aham Brahmashmi

Aham Brahmashmi- Self Acceptance and Self Love

“Aham Brahmasmi” is a 1 day programme, aimed at achieving self acceptance & self love by understanding your role in creating your universe. “Aham Brahmasmi” literally translates to “I am the Brahma, the creator of the universe”. The term universe comprises of all the relationships, situations and circumstances you are into. The workshop aims at embedding this philosophy into your day to day life. Proper understanding of it helps you take responsibility of your every action, which is the main ingredient in the creation of your universe. The programme helps you identify and heal your patterns/actions in relationships, work & various other aspects of life, and empowers you to control your mind, which controls your actions.

It is a programme designed to help you heal spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

The workshop is meticulously structured in the following manner to help the participants imbibe the philosophy effortlessly:

  • Introduction to the principle of “Aham Brahmasmi”
  • Deep understanding of the principle
  • Individual life analysis of participants
  • Guided meditations
  • Inner child healing
  • Evaluation test to measure quantitatively the changes brought about during the workshop

The only pre-requisites for the programme are complete surrender, and a
desire to heal yourself.


A. It facilitates healing your inner being.
B. It helps in dealing with the faulty patterns and actions in various aspects of life.
C. It also helps in dealing with incidences and people that still bring pain or a feeling of regret.
D. The programme helps you to take complete responsibility of your life.
E. It empowers you with skills that help you deal with issues in your future more effectively.
F. It helps you understand yourself better.
G. The programme helps you to love yourself unconditionally.
H. It is a powerful tool to help you gain complete self acceptance.

At the end of the workshop, each participant is given a CD of all the meditations used in the workshop.

Experiences of some of the participants are shared below (names have been omitted to maintain the confidentiality of the participants):

Amazing workshop totally focused on core issues. I am leaving the workshop with clarity of thought and clarity on what to do next. Thanks Mallika”.
Major healing happened for me. I think my major issue came up to me. Hopefully I can heal it out completely.
You are really good with this!! Precise, crisp, to the point!! Really well done!! Bravo, you hit the CORE correctly. Enjoyed thoroughly to fall in love with myself
I loved the workshop as almost everything makes sense now and I am at peace which I have experienced after a long time. Practical implementation is what we have to master now. Thank you.”
Very interesting. Helped a lot. I realized a lot of other things that I hadn’t earlier.
Overall experience was pretty good. Very cordial and cohesive discussion.”
It is always good to take a break from regular household work- but to come and attend such self healing sessions is great. I thank you Mallika and God for helping me to peep into myself and explore a new person within me.
It was a calming and soothing feeling through out the session. Actually healing was effortless.