Soothe the Soul

Soothe the Soul

Soothe the Soul- realize and release a lot of stuck up emotions

“Soothe the soul” is a 2 hour music based workshop which helps you realize and release a lot of stuck up emotions. It is a unique workshop where you connect with yourself and your deeper emotions through songs and music.

The series of songs and musical pieces are complied together and arranged in an order that helps you deal with the chosen emotion layer by layer. The narration by the facilitator through out the workshop gives you the right push and direction to deal with your emotions.

It is a workshop which sets you free from with in, it helps you in breaking out of the shackles.

Soothe the soul has many chapters/versions, each one dealing with a different emotion ranging from pain, childhood memories, inhibitions, loss of important relationships to love, happiness, celebration and many more.

The experiences of some of the participants are shared below (names have been omitted to maintain the confidentiality of the participants):

It was a very elevating and enlightening experience. The most amazing part is that we just start giving out everything on our own. We see ourselves in true light, something we had been experiencing and trying to mask ourselves at the same time. In the end it was a battle what to do and what to hide. I am truly alive today and loving it.”
an excellent idea and an excellent workshop. In fact it is something I can attend once a month! Your verbal support was just perfect- neither to little nor too intrusive-just when required.”
Awesome session. Just and exactly what I was looking for. Excellent theme. Totally loved the heart healing due to broken relationships. Thank you so much.”
Very nice, words will be less to describe the experience. It was a totally different feeling, out of the world. After this I wanted to be quite, be with myself. It is not describable, it only can be experienced.”
It was a great experience and something really different. The songs chosen were very good.”
I am really speechless, short of words to express anything. I love music but never enjoyed it this way. You have opened a different world for me and I am thoroughly grateful.”
The free flow, the pace at which things went, one thing merging into another, the choice of songs, everything was brilliant. It touched somewhere deep within. I wanted something to forgive my mom. At a superficial level I have done that, but deep within at times, the pain resurfaced. I have finally let that go.”
I had been hearing about alternative forms of healing for so long… Reiki, hypnotherapy, meditation but could never experience it. Today I really feel that I had missed so many moments till date. I am speechless, I feel so good and relaxed. I could relate to every bit, every word said here. I am just so lucky to be here.”