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Mallika Bhatia

A Life-coach with a Master's degree in Clinical psychology and a Diploma in counselling skills, a girl on the quest of self-discovery, a poet, a writer, a mother, a wife, a gardener, a passionate cook and a travel freak. These are some of the roles I play, some of the things I am trained in but there is so much more to me than these roles. I am beyond the roles I play, I am much more. Everyday I try and understand myself a little more, accept more aspects of who I am and love myself more than I did yesterday. My passion is to work with people on a journey of self-discovery and to help those who find themselves facing issues in following their life paths. I knew this is what I wanted to do even as a teenager. I remember observing people at parties, noticing every reaction and behaviour of everyone around me, focusing on personality types and studying them in my own way. I guess studying Psychology was the next natural step. I finished my Masters and did a specialised course in counselling skills, while working part-time in a destitute home for women and children in New Delhi, India. I was under clinical training for almost 6 years with some of the very prestigious hospitals of my country. I was at Institutes and hospitals that people dreamt of working in and yet I felt something was amiss. I knew internally that my pursuit to learn wasn't yet over and hence started my new learning phase; training in holistic and alternative healing methods. Read More

My Workshops

Mallika Bhatia conducts various workshops for groups to help and heal themselves. These workshops help one grow personally, emotionally, professionally, in relationships and spiritually. She also conducts especially designed need based workshops for corporates and other organisations. For details of some of the regularly conducted programmes, follow the links below:

Wheels of life

An 8 hour programme to understand and align our major chakras

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Aham Brahmasmi

"Aham Brahmasmi" is one day programme, aimed at achieving self acceptance.........

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Soothe the Soul

"Soothe the soul" is a 2 hour music based workshop, helps you realize & release a lot of stuck up emotions.

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Rise of the Phoenix

Phoenix is described as a bird with a 500-1000 year life-cycle, near the end...

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Let's work on the relationship you share with YOU.

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Say YES to saying NO

Everyone needs to know that there is no shame in saying no

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Self Help

Using own inner powers to fight against all the odds is called Self Help and Meditation is the best way of Self Help

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